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Is Air Conditioning Sheet Metal Ductwork Better Than Flexible Ductwork?

The air conditioning system of any indoor space is vital because it controls the quality of airflow needed in providing a comfortable environment. With the availability of various air conditioning models in the market, finding the right one can be a daunting task. If you are struggling to make a decision between air conditioning sheet metal ductwork and flexible ductwork, here are some valuable facts that will help choose the best ductwork.

Types of ductwork

There are two types of ductwork when planning to install a new air conditioning system for any indoor space.

This type of ductwork is the most favoured because of its powerful performance, plus longer life expectancy. However, due to the rigidity of material component of sheet metal ductwork, mainly made from top quality sheet metal the need for ample space could prevent a client from choosing this ductwork application. Aside from that, installation of sheet metal ductwork needs an experienced HVAC contractor because of the precision needed in the measurement of sheet metal ducts as well as the installation. Both these procedures need to perfectly match in order to produce an energy efficient cooling system.
  • Flexible ductwork

Flexible ductwork is another option to consider for your air conditioning system. The material composition of flexi ductwork is corrugated plastic. This type of ductwork has a shorter life expectancy, but, may cost less than air conditioning sheet metal ductwork. Aside from that, due to the flexibility of the plastic materials used, the installation process is less complicated than working with rigid sheet metal ducts.

Which is the best option for any indoor space?

Although, air conditioning sheet metal ductwork seems a wise investment if you will count the longevity of service, the flexible ductwork can be a better option for someone with a limited budget. Why? According to a flexible duct Sydney representative, the project cost of the flexible ductwork is a lot cheaper when compared with the expenses incurred for the installation of air conditioning sheet metal ductwork. The final answer of which is better between sheet metal ductwork and flexible ductwork still depends on one’s financial capacity to fund any of these air conditioning system applications.

Keep in mind, ducts come in different materials, sizes and profiling. Your HVAC contractor may present both materials for your selection, the flexible ducts and sheet metal ducts or a combination of these two ducts. Careful assessment of your indoor space cooling requirement is crucial because no one size ductwork can fit all.

For solid advice on the right ductwork for your indoor space, contact the experts at Air Tag. They will guide you in finding the right ductwork that works within your budget. Call now and schedule a private meeting to know more what ductwork will deliver cooling comfort, the air conditioning sheet metal ductwork or flexible ductwork.

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