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Air Con Diffuser Supplier Guide: Types Air Conditioning Diffusers For Home Use

December 26, 2018

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Do you know the function of air con diffuser? It basically helps cool air circulate properly inside a room. According to the air con diffuser supplier representative, the shape including the size of a room will be a major factor in determining the type of air conditioning diffuser compatible with your chosen air conditioning system. For your guidance below are the common types of air supply diffusers for your ductwork.

  • Round shaped diffuser

Round shaped diffuser is the most popular because it can deliver maximum cool air flow with a 360-degree coverage. Based on the size of a room, a single air conditioner diffuser will do or more. Among the distinctive features of a round shaped diffuser according to the air con diffuser supplier representative is the adjustable core that is responsible for control air volume.

  • Sidewall bar grille

This type of air con diffuser is installed on the wall and often recommended if the chosen ductwork of the house is situated behind the wall. The side wall bar grille according to the air grilles Australia shop representative usually have eight slots with different blade profiles that are adjustable to meet a homeowner’s airflow preference.

  • Return air grilles

These air con diffusers are found mostly in hallways of houses or in the ceilings. These air supply diffusers (return air grilles) are designed to provide air supply in the opposite direction.  The design of these air con diffusers according to the air con diffuser supplier representative is hinged to allow easy removal when cleaning the filter.

  • Square-shaped multi-directional diffusers

Square-shaped multi directional diffusers provide four options of air flow, plus varying finishes and colours to match a home’s architectural structure and design. The square shaped multi-directional diffusers are perfect for houses with odd shapes or sizes to ensure even air flow.

If you don’t know which among the air con diffusers would be compatible to your preferred ductwork, design or structure of your house or size of rooms, go and visit Air Tag a leading distributor of air conditioning products and air con diffuser supplier in Sydney.

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