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Air Conditioning Supplies Sydney Guide: What You Need To Know About Your Air Conditioner

Have you just recently bought a new air conditioner? Your air conditioning unit could be a trusted partner in providing a cool and comfy home for your loved ones during the hottest months of the summer season. According to the air conditioning supplies Sydney representative getting to know more about your air conditioning unit is key to lesser breakdowns or untimely damaged of parts. So, for your better understanding of your newly bought AC here are the common things that every homeowner should know.

  • The air conditioner isn’t cooling the entire room

If you noticed the air conditioning unit cannot provide cool air there could be one reason that you have to look into, either the air conditioning diffuser is dirty or something is wrong with the system and needs servicing from the HVAC technician.

  • Outdoor condenser must be regularly cleaned

Yes, efficient air cooling from your air conditioning unit starts from proper maintenance and regular cleaning of parts like the air conditioning diffuser and outdoor condenser. Be sure to check the outdoor condenser from all sides, ensuring that no dirt, dried leaves or cottonwood have accumulated. If there are noticeable amounts of dirt use a powerful water hose with a spray nozzle to clean the sides of the condenser. Don’t forget to turn off the air conditioning before cleaning.

  • Follow the recommended thermostat setting

Setting the thermostat to its maximum cooling capacity isn’t a wise idea when using the air conditioning unit. Read carefully the required thermostat to start the air conditioner and do the adjustment the moment its motor has fully operated. Following this correct operational technique will reduce the issue of sudden breakdown or buying replacement parts from the air conditioning supplies Sydney store.

  • Check for signs of water leaks

Water leaks could be a sign of a problem with the condensate drain system. Call immediately the HVAC technician to assess the real cause of these water leaks, especially it is the coming from the outdoor pipe or pipe situated above a bathtub.

  • Trim shrubs near the outdoor unit

According to the representative of air conditioning supplies Sydney shop trim shrubs located near your outdoor unit to ensure it delivers quality air flow. Besides, any obstruction from your outdoor unit’s clearance could greatly affect your air conditioning unit’s cooling performance.

  • Avoid placing anything above the outdoor unit (awning, shade or fence)

Yes, anything placed on top of your air conditioner outdoor unit can also impact the air flow. Why? Air also blows from the top part of an air conditioner and any obstruction will prevent smooth air flow inside.

  • Inspect the wires or pipes of the outdoor unit for cuts

Another concern that you need to check regularly if you want to enjoy cool air from your air conditioning unit is whether the wires or pipes have cuts or been damaged. Why? Any worn or torn wiring or pipes could lead to major breakdown if not detected soon. Again, notify your local HVAC technician to conduct an inspection.

Acquainting yourself on how a well-maintained air conditioning unit should perform is a must to prevent further issues such as breakdown, poor cooling performance or soaring electricity bills. If you are about to upgrade your old HVAC or replace your damaged air conditioning diffuser contact Air Tag, a leading distributor of air conditioning and insulation products.

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