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Flexible Duct Sydney: Pros And Cons Of Flexible Ductwork

October 30, 2018

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Do you have plans of upgrading your home’s HVAC system? Before you even consider an upgrade it’s crucial you have a clear idea of the ductwork, particularly the popular “flexible ductwork” an alternative from the conventional air conditioning sheet metal ducts. Why? According to the flexible duct Sydney representative the pros and cons discussed below will surely lead you to a wise choice, so give it a good read.


The Pros of Flexible Ductwork

If you are on a limited budget, but wish to carry on with the upgrade of your HVAC system the best ductwork is the flexible ducts. Why? Aside from being less expensive if compared to air conditioning sheet metal according to professional installers of flexible duct Sydney the installation process is a lot easier because of their flexibility.

In fact, flexible ducts can be installed even on narrow spaces where air conditioning sheet metal ducts won’t fit. The flexible ductwork will work efficiently in houses with sharp corners or various angles.


The Cons of Flexible Ductwork

Based on the experiences of reputable flexible duct Sydney installers choosing flexible ducts over air conditioning sheet metal ducts may pose a problem like the restriction of airflow. Why? Flexible ducts are more prone to compression, pinching and twisting during the installation while the air conditioning sheet metal ducts have been proven to provide better airflow. When the amount of airflow is not stable there is a huge possibility of the HVAC system to work harder than its expected performance, eventually leading to soaring energy bills.

Although, the materials of flexible ducts including its installation are a lot cheaper than air conditioning sheet metal ducts the issue on wear and tear will arise. This may not be a good investment if you prefer a ductwork that will have a longer lifespan because flexible ducts are made from thin, flexible materials and not as durable than air conditioning sheet metal ducts.

Lastly, if contracted installers don’t have solid experience in the installation of flexible ductwork they might cause damage to the flexible ducts as they are pliable in nature and have the tendency of ripping. You might end up buying more of flexible ducts to replace the damaged parts.

There you have it some valuable information about flexible ducts and air conditioning sheet metal ducts. If you are still troubled in finding the best ductwork material for your home’s HVAC system contact the representative of AirTag and get professional advice.

Remember, any home improvement project like an upgrade of your HVAC will need a careful analysis. If you are aware of the pros and cons of choosing the best ductwork material will bring you closer to the desired outcome. Discover now the ideal ductwork for your home.

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