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When Should You Consider Buying Air Con Spare Parts For Your AC Unit?

September 11, 2018


Homeowners are often left with the major decision to repair or replace the air conditioning unit parts. If the air con servicing representative gave you the option to repair or replace with new air con spare parts, it would be tempting to have it repaired to keep it running. Although, repair might be a quick fix solution, this decision may end up to be costly in long-term. Why? Here’s a list of things you have to consider before making a big decision.

  • Type of air conditioner part you need to repair

The decision to repair or replace the air conditioner parts needs careful assessment. You need to assess what particular part of the AC unit needs repair or replacement like a heat pump, boiler or the electrical wires. If the repair serviceman mentioned the problem is due to damaged electrical wiring system, going for replacement of electrical wires would be the best decision. Why? Fixing damaged electrical wiring seems a dangerous option because these parts are prone to wear and tear. You are better off buying new electrical wires at the air con spare parts supplier.

  • Age of the air conditioner

Another factor that will help you decide over repair or replace is the age of the air conditioner. Ask yourself, “How old is the AC unit? If it is less than 5 years, then, it would be a good move to have it repaired. However, if the air conditioner is already over 10 years replacing the worn out parts with new air con spare parts is the most practical thing to do right now.

  • The estimated cost to repair

Repairing a major breakdown of parts of the AC unit can be quite costly, especially if the compressor is the one that has been damaged. The professional fee for the repair serviceman might soar high due to the extent of work needed. However, if the serviceman reported that the air conditioning unit’s fan is not functioning well, replacing it would be more beneficial than having it fixed because the cost to buy a new fan is not that expensive.

  • Warranty coverage

Is the AC unit under warranty? If yes, then, it would be wise to have the broken or faulty part/s be replaced as long as they are still covered with warranty. If unsure which parts of the AC unit are still under warranty, check with the representative where you bought this equipment. Keep in mind, some parts of a newly bought air conditioner may have limited warranty coverage than other parts. You need to be clear which are still covered with warranty and not before making a decision.

What signs will tell you the need to consider replacement of AC parts?

The decision to replace the parts of AC can be quite hard, but if you are already experiencing the following signs it’s time to call the assistance of air conditioning replacement services.

  • Loud noise coming from the AC unit
  • Unusual smell coming from the vents
  • Not sufficient air cooling
  • The AC unit won’t turn on
  • Higher utility bills

Once the replacement serviceman confirmed some parts may need new air con spare parts like vents, air conditioning sheet metal or fan have them replaced soon so that you and your loved ones will enjoy a fully operational AC unit.

When you have trouble detecting which is the best decision to make, repair or replace some parts like air conditioning sheet metal talk to the experts at Air Tag. They have a team of specialists that can guide you from the selection of top quality air con spare parts including insulation products. Give them a quick call now and have your AC unit running in no time.

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