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What Pipe Insulation Features Can You Use In Your Sydney Air Conditioning System?

May 29, 2018

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The pipe insulation you use for your HVAC unit on your Sydney property should be carefully insulated. A surface that is not insulated properly could require more energy for use than what you can afford. The insulation you use will be one of the most valuable ducting supplies you can get for your system.


What Does the Insulation Feature?

The insulation should include a strong body that will take in anything that comes into your property. Quality insulation can come with a rockwool or glasswool body. Such a soft offers thick fibers that conform to the inside parts of your pipes and ducts. The fibers will not break apart easily and will absorb more outside conditions.


Can Foam Work?

A sturdy foam surface may be incorporated into your pipes as well. The foam should conform to the pipes and be thick enough to keep the air moving without adding lots of obstruction. The foam would have to come with an adhesive backing so it can secure itself along the insides of the pipes. Foam is popular among ducting supplies for how well it can get into a space.


How Thick Is the Insulation?

The air conditioning supplies Sydney homeowners use often come in many sizes. This is definitely the case with pipe insulation. Some insulating materials can be as thin as 18mm. Thick choices often come with 72mm widths.


How Often Should Your Insulation Be Replaced?

It can take months or years for the pipe insulation in your Sydney property to wear out. There is no real telling when it can break apart, so the best thing to do is to test your AC unit regularly. If the air coming out is not cool enough, you might need to get your insulation checked.

The insulation in one’s AC pipes and ducts will make for one of the most critical air conditioning supplies Sydney homeowners can use. See what AirTag has to offer when finding pipe insulation for your space today.


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