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What Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Ducting Supplies For Your HVAC System?

August 21, 2018


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Are you about to install HVAC at your newly built home? Purchasing the needed ducting supplies including job-related materials in preparation for an HVAC system can be quite challenging. This is why it requires careful planning and estimation to ensure no important parts aren’t overlooked. If your goal is to make wise purchases and save money along the process here are common mistakes to avoid.


Mistake #1 – Relying mainly on price

Most homeowners trying to cut down the cost of the purchase of needed HVAC ducting supplies would go for cheaper prices. Although, it may solve the issue on a limited budget choosing a particular brand for ducting supplies due to its lower pricing may not be a wise decision if the performance of the HVAC system is below average or delivered higher utility bills. If you don’t want to commit this same mistake of being fooled at cheaper prices, do a price comparison and never compromise quality.


Mistake #2 – Making a rash decision

Another mistake that homeowners commit while on the process of shopping for ducting supplies for the HVAC system is making a  rush decision in an effort to complete this project at the soonest possible time. In most cases, a decision made on impulse may not produce the desired outcome. This kind of scenario may happen to any homeowner with the strong desire to move in quickly into the new home, making rash decision on whatever comes first to her while shopping online for ducting supplies including air con spare parts. The ducting supplies available in the marketplace vary and may require relevant research to ensure they match the homeowner’s preferred HVAC system like high powered speed blowers, energy-efficient compressors and stylish air grilles. To prevent making a rash decision over the needed ducting supplies ask the professional advice of HVAC specialist based on your preference and needs.


Mistake #3 – Getting a rough estimate of the size

Among the common mistakes that homeowners on the process of buying the needed ducting supplies for a new HVAC system are getting a rough estimate of the size of the air conditioning unit including air con spare parts. Before placing orders of needed HVAC supplies have an expert in HVAC installation assess your home and request a report to prevent buying the wrong size.


Mistake #4 – Doing it alone

For homeowners that want to save money and resort to DIY in HVAC installation, this could lead to overspending. Why? A homeowner with no technical knowledge of HVAC may commit more mistakes during the purchase and installation process. In fact, it could even lead to the worst scenario where a homeowner could be endangering the safety of the family if the HVAC system isn’t properly installed.

The final decision as to where you will purchase the needed ducting supplies for a new HVAC system can be truly overwhelming. If you want to relieve yourself from the burden of going from one supplier to another why not check out the available HVAC and insulation products offered at AirTag and let their experts plan and estimate accurately the needed ducting supplies including air con spare parts needed for future replacement of worn out parts.


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