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What Do You Need To Know When Removing And Installing Wall Return Air Grilles?

December 12, 2018

Linear bar air grille


Wall return air grilles would need replacement over time. If this is your first time to remove existing air grilles, here are quick steps to follow when removing and installing them. Take time reading this guide ensure you don’t cause any damage to the other parts of your air conditioning. Remember, broken or worn out wall air return grilles will affect the quality of air emitted inside your home, so replacing them will guarantee a cool environment.

Step #1 – Unscrew carefully the fastener screws of air grilles

The first task to do for you to clean thoroughly wall return air grilles are unscrewed carefully the fastener screws holding them securely. You can use the utility knife or razor blade.

Step #2 – Get an accurate measure of the duct boot opening

Once you managed to unscrew the air grilles get the actual measurement of the duct boot opening. Why? If you will order from an air conditioning supplies Sydney online shop the attending customer representative will normally ask for the duct boot opening size because air grilles including register coverings are classified according to duct boot opening size and not their external diameter. However, if you will go to a physical store you may bring the old air grilles to find the perfect match.

Step #3 – Install the wall return air grilles with louvers facing the right direction

When you found the correct size of your air grilles the next procedure is installation. For first timers like you, the correct way to install is to have the louvers facing the right direction. Go over the instruction manual of the new air grilles for guidance. Proper installation of air grilles will guarantee efficient air flow.

Additional information about air grilles:

  • In the event the existing mounting holes of the air grilles won’t provide more room for the newly bought air grilles better grill new holes. See to it the grilled new holes are not too close to the existing holes.
  • The air grilles come in varied sizes, so make an accurate measurement to avoid wasting your time and money going back to the air conditioning supplies Sydney
  • Refrain from screwing the air grilles screws too tight because the sheet metal tabs may be damaged.
  • In the event the old screws no longer fit the existing holes try using longer screws or with a bigger diameter for perfect fitting.

Replacing your old air grilles can be a struggle, especially if you aren’t good at DIY or don’t have the needed tools. If you want a hassle-free replacement of your worn or damaged wall return air grilles, contact now the air conditioning supplies Sydney representative at Air Tag.

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