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How To Properly Clean Cold Air Grilles?

October 23, 2018

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Dirt and dust particles accumulate as you continuously use your air conditioning unit. Among the parts that are prone to these unwanted elements are the cold air grilles. Wiping the vents won’t completely get rid of the dirt and dust. If you really want clean and cool air to come out from your air conditioning unit follow the following cleaning tips.

Tip #1 – Remove the cold air grilles

This is the initial task you have to execute before coming into direct contact with the cold air grilles, locate and remove them carefully. If unsure where the cold air grilles are located the most common area is on the ceiling or upper section of a wall.

The cold air grilles are larger in size if compared to the supply grilles and homes could have only one or more. When removing the cold air grilles the recommended tool is a screwdriver or a hex driver. Store the screw in a safe place to prevent them from getting lost. However, if your home’s air conditioning unit cold air grilles that aren’t secured with screws all you have to do is lift them out gently at an angle and will surely come off easily.

Tip #2 – Start cleaning

Once you managed to successfully take all the cold air grilles place them in a sink or bathtub and let them soak for a while in warm water with mild washing product. While waiting, you can focus on cleaning the ducts. Here’s how to do it properly:

  • Remove visible debris by hand.
  • You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to get rid of hard to reach particles of dirt and dust.
  • For stubborn dirt or dust use the vacuum hose without the brush attachment.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe existing dirt or dust on the ducts.

When you are done cleaning the ducts, go and check the soaked cold air grilles. I’m sure by this time most of the accumulated debris would easily come off. What do you need? A clean damp cloth is all you need to wipe residue of dirt or dust. However, wiping the slats of the grilles won’t remove anything that has reached crevices. For those hard to reach areas of the cold air grilles use an old toothbrush. Avoid too much scrubbing because this action might lead to peeling or chipping of the paint.

Tip #3 – Return the cold air grilles

Upon air drying the clean cold air grilles, return them to their rightful place. If they have screws put them back. In case you have missing screws you can order them from the air conditioning supplies Sydney representative.

Proper care, maintenance and cleaning must be done to ensure you have a functional air conditioning unit. Make it a habit to inspect the cold air grilles as well as the ducts because the air conditioner performance will be greatly affected if dirt or dust just stays there.

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