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How To Avoid Buying Fake Air Conditioner Spare Parts?

December 05, 2018

air conditioner spare parts

When your air conditioner suddenly breakdowns there are at least two possible reasons, either it’s already old or some of the parts have been totally worn out. A certified HVAC technician could assess the real problem and come up with a recommendation for repairing it or replacing with new air conditioner spare parts. If the assessment leads to the purchase of new spare parts, here are the ways to avoid buying fake.

  • Inspect The Packaging

The quickest way to check whether the air conditioner spare parts you are buying is genuine or fake is the packaging. Keep in mind, a genuine spare part manufacturer also pays attention on how their products are packed. They see to it every spare part packaging bears the same resemblance of the original parts. So, if you are visiting the insulation supplies Sydney store inspect carefully the packaging and look if it bears the same design, colour or logo. You may also check for any misspelled words.

  • Unusual Language Used

Some manufacturers of air conditioner spare parts use different languages in their manuals. However, if you feel the used terminology or language is a bit awkward, verify to prevent the risk of buying a fake product.

  • No Information Where It Was Produced

Most genuine spare parts have complete information of the manufacturer. However, if you encounter a supplier that sells air conditioner spare parts with no written information about the origin of this product, be vigilant. Again, a reputable manufacturer will take time printing the complete details of each product including where it has been made.

  • Labeling Is Incomplete

An original packaging of spare parts can be distinguished by the labeling. If you noticed some details are missing such as serial number of the air conditioner spare parts, then, this could be a fake product.

  • Sold At A Cheaper Price

This is a clear indicator that you might be buying fake spare parts when the supplier is offering them at greater discounts. Anything that is too good to be true stay vigilant and ask yourself, “How come they manage to sell these spare parts at a lower price?” There might be a possibility they have defects or fake. A credible supplier of air conditioner spare parts will have competitive prices and if they will offer them with discounts the price is still within a reasonable range.

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