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Flexible Duct Sydney: Top 3 Installation Tips

April 04, 2018

flexible duct sydney


When it comes to the most versatile air conditioner spare parts, you cannot ignore the popularity of flexible duct in Sydney. If purchased from a reputable specialist like AirTag, a flexible duct can be utilized in a myriad of ways. With a flexible duct, you can install your ductwork in a short span of time as there will be no need for offsets, elbows and joints.

That being said, it’s important to pay special attention to the installation of flexible ducting to avoid some common issues. As one of the most experienced suppliers of air condition spare parts in Sydney, the experts at AirTag have compiled a list of some of the most crucial factors that you should keep in mind while installing your flexible ductwork.


1. Flexible Duct Sydney: Don’t Make Sharp Bends

To make your ductwork more efficient and resilient, try to keep your flexible ducts as straight as you can. However, it may not be possible for some people due to a number of reasons. In that case, opt for long radius turns instead of sharper ones. This will allow air to move more freely and smoothly without facing any obstacles inside the ducts. On the other hand, even a single ninety degree sharp turn can adversely affect the air flow and decrease overall performance of your ductwork.

2. Flexible Duct Sydney: Connectors and Splices

When you shop for your flexible ducts in Sydney at a trusted provider, like AirTag, you’ll get everything you need for a flawless installation. There are specific standards to securely connect various pieces of flexible ducts. You’ll get detailed installation instructions and guidelines about the right methods for splicing and connecting ducts with each product.


3. Maximise Support to Your Ductwork

Poor support often leads to inefficient airflow and even serious damage to your ducts. In absence of proper support, the ducts can sag and develop defects over time. The situation can worsen sooner or later and leads to performance issues.

While many people do use adequate support, they don’t pay attention to the supporting material. Some people choose thin supporting materials such as a wire but such materials can choke the ducts or even pierce into them and result in leaks. In addition, make sure that the material you choose to support your ductwork has sufficient space to hold the flexible ducts without compressing them.

AirTag is the leading supplier of air conditioner spare parts including flexible duct in Sydney. For more information, simply give us a call at 02 9604 1222 today!


Image Source: Eugene Peretz / Flickr


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