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All Ducting Options for Homeowners – From Rigid to Flexible Ducts in Sydney

October 09, 2018

Suppliers of ductwork materials often stock a diverse selection of ducting materials. From rigid to flexible ducts in Sydney homes, these suppliers will have all kinds of options to offer. For the uninitiated, ducting plays an important role in the HVAC systems that many Australians homes feature these days. Incorrectly installed or inappropriate ducting could place additional stress on your HVAC unit. As a result, the components within the unit will wear out prematurely. This would also mean that you need to spend more money towards repairing the unit more frequently.

What is Rigid Ductwork?

Suppliers of air conditioner spare parts will usually stock different types of ducting materials. Australian homes will almost always feature rigid ductwork. This ducting material comes in an array of materials and shapes – ranging from sheet metal to fibreboard. Some ducting materials offer comprehensive levels of insulation as well. The popularity of rigid ductwork stems from its superior levels of durability.

Certainly, installing this ductwork is difficult. In addition, rigid ductwork is tough to use in tight places. Moreover, it is costly as well. But, once installed, this ductwork will last you for longer. Professional installers will typically use steel support brackets during the installation. This eliminates the concern of rattling pipes. In addition, they will seal each joint with tape or an air seal as well.

Which Situations Warrant the Use of Flexible Ducts in Your Sydney Homes?

Many homes feature some tight bends or areas that cannot accommodate rigid ducts. In such cases, flexible ducting comes in handy. These tube-shaped ducts feature wire coil and flexible plastic. They come fully insulated too. Relatively inexpensive as opposed to their rigid counterparts, flexible ducts are easy to install.

They fit easily in hard-to-reach places as well. However, it is worth highlighting that flexible ducts need proper sealing to prevent air leaks. Suppliers of air conditioner spare parts will have the sealants needed for preventing such issues.

An Overview of Sheet Metal Ducting

When it comes to rigid ductwork, sheet metal ducts are the most popular. Made from galvanised steel or aluminium, these ducts are lightweight and easy to install. Aluminium ducts have non-porous surfaces. Hence, they do not facilitate the growth of moulds and bacteria. Established providers of flexible ducts in Sydney however, know that steel ducts can accumulate moulds over time. Hence, they urge homeowners to purchase ductwork equipped with insulation wrap.

What is Fibreboard Ducting?

Suppliers of air conditioner spare parts often recommend the use of fibreboard ducting. This variety of ducting is a superb alternative between fibreglass and traditional sheet metal ducting. Constructed from compressed strands of fibreglass, which suppliers usually coat with resin, fibreboard ducts feature lamination with foil. This helps in sealing out the moisture. While it offers superb levels of insulation, its porous surface remains prone to the growth of moulds.

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