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Air Grilles Australia: Things You Need To Know

June 26, 2018


air grilles australia


There are only a few effective products that can enhance your air conditioning system at a very affordable cost, and air grilles in Australia are one of them.  These cost-effective and stunning air conditioning supplies in Sydney ensure that your system keeps running efficiently and smoothly for years and years. Air grilles purchased from trusted specialist like Air Tag are stylish, long-lasting and ensure an optimum air flow.


Air Grilles Australia: Factors to Consider

Let’s have a look at some important factors you should keep in mind when installing air grilles in your home:

  1. Generally, installing more than one supply and return grilles at multiple locations in your house is a better practice than relying on just a single grille for your entire house.
  2. Most homeowners often ignore the importance of return air grilles. But if you want your systems to perform with highest efficiency, return air grilles are probably the best product for you.
  3. The best locations for air grilles are high traffic areas such as pathways and lobbies. Most important, there should be a return air grille in your bedroom as well to ensure fresh air and a good airflow.


How to Clean and Maintain Your Air Grilles in Australia?

To avoid mould and dust accumulating in your air conditioning grilles, make sure that you follow some simple procedures as mentioned below:

  • Clean your return air grilles on regular basis. Clean the filer with soapy water or simply vacuum it. Filters can be easily cleaned without completely dismantling the unit.
  • Clean the filter frame by vacuuming or with warm water.
  • Diffusers on the ceilings can also be the breeding ground for bacteria and mould. They can be cleaned in a similar manner. However, if required, take someone’s help to avoid accidents.
  • Remember to use only mild cleaning agent to clean your air grilles or any other air conditioning supplies in Sydney. Harsh chemicals and detergents can stain, scratch or discolour your grilles.


Looking For Air Conditioning Supplies in Sydney? Get in touch with AirTag

For more guidance and advice, visit the leading specialists of air grilles and other air conditioning supplies in Sydney – AirTag today. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our experts at 02 9604 1222.


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