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Air Conditioning Supplies Sydney: A Brief Guide to Air Grilles

April 04, 2018

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Air conditioning systems need a lot of care and maintenance. However, you can significantly reduce maintenance requirements of your system by choosing the right air conditioning supplies in Sydney.

One of the often neglected components of air condition systems are the air grilles. The efficiency of any air conditioning system largely depends on the quality and efficiency of air grilles.


What Are Air Grilles?

The basic function of air grilles is to serve as a medium to supply and return air to the air conditioning system. They are unmovable and permanent fixtures and can be found on walls and ceilings of most residential properties. However, you can also choose to install air grilles on your floor.

Depending on your requirements and configuration of your system, you can opt for several small air grilles or one larger one. Air return grilles are used to put air back into the system.


Installing Air Grilles: 3 Things to Remember

  1. For maximum efficiency, install both supply and return grilles in every room of your house. If that’s not possible, leave some space under your doors for air to circulate.
  2. If you live in colder climate, install your return air grilles at a higher level. As hot air moves to the top, the return air grilles would pull it back and repeat the cycle. This simple step will improve both energy efficiency and comfort of your home and help you make some significant savings.
  3. It is usually recommended to install supply air grilles on the external walls and return grilles on the inside. Return and supply grilles should be as far away from each other as possible, otherwise they cannot circulate the air properly. Keeping them apart will also improve the comfort in your home.


AirTag: For the Highest Quality Air Conditioning Supplies in Sydney

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