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Air Conditioning Parts Supplier Advice: Common Causes That Will Affect Air Conditioner Performance

September 18, 2018

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The performance of an air conditioning unit according to the air conditioning parts supplier may become poorly over time due to some underlying causes. The big question “What can cause an AC unit to fail the user’s expectations?” can be answered by these common causes. If at any point your air conditioning unit fails to perform, you need to resolve these issues immediately to prevent further damage being done.

  • Bad Capacitors and bad contractors

The common issues that AC repair servicemen encounter with air conditioning units are bad capacitors and contactors. Why does this issue happen? When the weather temperature shoots up during hot seasons these parts of the AC unit are affected because they deal with electricity flow. According to a local air conditioning parts supplier replacing these parts aren’t costly.

  • Condensing fan fails to operate

Another air con part that may fail during hot weather season is the condensing fan. This part can get extremely hot and may be prone to wear and tear over time. If the repair serviceman diagnosed the cause of your air conditioning unit’s failure is due to a faulty condensing fan better look for replacement at any reputable air con supplies retailer shop. You can also ask recommendation with your trusted repairman to ensure you buy top quality air con spare parts.

  • Low level of refrigerant

One of the common causes of an air conditioning unit to fail is due to a low level of refrigerant. Low level of refrigerant would mean possible leaks on the air conditioning unit. How to resolve this issue? You need to call immediately a licensed HVAC technician to check where the leak is coming. Once detected, repair or replacement will be recommended to ensure the AC unit performs as expected.

  • Accumulated dirt

The air conditioner is exposed to dirt, dust including other elements (cottonwood, dead insects and airborne components). When these elements accumulate in the condensing coil the effect to the air conditioner is decreased efficiency in providing cool air. If the accumulated dirt is not attended the air conditioning unit will have to work harder, eventually leading to icy formation around the copper lines, both inside and outside.

Cleaning the air conditioning unit regularly is the quickest solution. However, for stubborn dirt homeowners must never attempt to poke or scrub thoroughly these dirt particles because it could damage the copper coil. According to the air conditioning parts supplier there are special cleaning products found in the air con supplies section that can be used as the coil cleaning product to get rid of dirt and unwanted debris.

What to do next if your AC unit fails to operate?

The above causes may result in AC unit failure. It would best to contact right away the HVAC technician to perform a thorough inspection. If the diagnosis report confirms replacement of some parts to ensure the AC unit resumes to its original performance go and check the various air conditioning and insulation products at Air Tag, a reputable air conditioning parts supplier in Australia.

If you still have other concerns talk to one of their representatives for guidance on what to do next, either repair or replace air con parts with new air con spare parts.

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