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5 Signs That Will Confirm You Need To Buy Air Con Spare Parts

August 07, 2018

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The big question that every homeowner has to deal with an air conditioner is when to buy air con spare parts. Knowing the right timing can be quite tough, but the following five signs will definitely give you a hint that a repair or replacement will happen in the near future.


1. Age of the air conditioning unit

The average service life of a top quality air conditioning unit is approximately 10 to 15 years. So, if your air conditioner has been with you for the past 10 or more years, then, expect it to show signs of wear and tear on parts that may need new air con spare parts.


2. Number of repairs done

Another sign that will confirm your air conditioning unit may need new air con spare parts is when you hired the services of HVAC technician to do frequent repairs for the last two years. Sometimes, having the air conditioner repaired is no longer practical if expenses keep piling up to cover the professional fees of an expert.


3. Electric bills are soaring high

Saving on electricity bills is among the biggest challenges of every household. One of the reasons for high electricity consumption could be the air conditioning isn’t functioning as expected. Why? It could be due to damaged air con filters or fan. If that is the final assessment of an HVAC serviceman that needs replacement might as well inquire with an air conditioning supplies representative the cost air con spare parts like filters.


4. The air conditioning unit is performing poorly

Among the evident signs that will clearly indicate it’s time to hunt for air con spare parts is when the air conditioning unit isn’t providing enough cooling inside your home despite the recent servicing done by the HVAC technician.


5. Warranty coverage has expired

Last warning sign that will validate you have to allocate some funds for the purchase of new spare parts is when the warranty coverage of the air conditioning unit including its parts has expired. If so, you have no other options, but find a reputable seller of air conditioning supplies like compressor, air con filters, evaporator coils, condenser coil, and fan.

Before you consider buying air con spare parts from any supplier assess the overall condition and performance of your air conditioner. If you strongly feel that having it serviced and repaired won’t resolve the issue of an inefficient cooling system or higher electric bills, then, you are better off finding affordable replacements part. In most cases, a faulty air conditioner with worn or damaged parts can be restored and perform like a new air conditioning unit if quality air con spare parts are used. So, make sure the air conditioning supplies seller has a good reputation in the marketplace.

For more information about air con spare parts including servicing, contact AirTag – a leading distributor in Australia and browse their wide range of air conditioning and insulation products.


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